i’m in my mid-twenties living in the heart of Manhattan with my husband. i am here to create delicious clean recipes that taste amazing and make you feel amazing. i want everyone to feel like healthy and delicious food is at their finger tips and is only a quick recipe away.

all of my recipes require minimal amount of ingredients, very little prep work and basic cooking skills.you will notice my recipes are made with real food. no artificial ingredients and i want us to fuel our bodies with simple and real ingredients.

my favorite recipes to create are breakfast, dessert and snack (i have the biggest sweet tooth ever). many of my recipes are also refined sugar-free, dairy free, & gluten free-friendly. you can easily modify most of my recipes to suit any allergies or dietary needs.

i love nothing more than to to experiment in the kitchen and make new recipes and of course fail miserably along the way. i can get lost in the kitchen for hours or drizzling chocolate over my marble slab you see in most of the photos here.

i am not a certified nutritionist or health coach, just a girl who has a passion to inspire others to fuel their bodies with food that tastes amazing and makes us feel amazing. i don’t believe in diets, i believe in a balanced lifestyle and finding what works best for YOU!